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Empowering Epilepsy Unveils Uncontrollable: A Groundbreaking Novel by Sara Staggs

Updated: Aug 26, 2023

Location: Beachwood, Ohio

Empowering Epilepsy, a prominent non-profit organization, held a momentous event at their Beachwood headquarters on May 25, 2023. The occasion marked the official launch of Epilepsy advocate, Sara Staggs' highly anticipated novel, Uncontrollable. With its unique portrayal of epilepsy, this groundbreaking book has already garnered widespread acclaim and left a lasting impact on its readers.

Pictured left to right:  Leigh Goldie, Sara Staggs and Dr. Najm
Pictured left to right: Leigh Goldie, Sara Staggs and Dr. Imad Najm

Staggs, drawing from her personal encounters with epilepsy, set out to fill a void in literature. "There was a lack of adult novels where the protagonist had epilepsy," she explained. "So, I decided to write it myself and change the narrative." Uncontrollable takes readers on an inspiring journey, highlighting the resilience and determination of a woman facing an uncontrollable force that disrupts her life. Staggs wants to shatter the stigma surrounding epilepsy and show that discussing seizures is not taboo.

The event began with Leigh Goldie, Founder and Executive Director of Empowering Epilepsy, expressing gratitude to Dr. Najm, an esteemed Adult Epileptologist and Director of the Cleveland Clinic Epilepsy Center, as well a Medical Advisor on Empowering Epilepsy's Board of Directors. The Cleveland Clinic generously donated copies of Uncontrollable to all event attendees, emphasizing the importance of accurate epilepsy representation in literature. Goldie remarked, "Uncontrollable perfectly captures the unpredictable nature of epilepsy in everyday life. Epilepsy is so much more than just the seizures, and we need the general public to better understand that."

"I can not count how many times I've cried during this story......" Leigh Goldie Empowering Epilepsy Founder & Executive Director

Sara Staggs and Dr. Najm took the stage, captivating the audience with an emotionally charged presentation. Staggs delved into her book and shared her personal journey, infusing moments of humor amidst poignant recollections. Following their insightful discussion, Staggs and Dr. Najm engaged in a brief Q&A session, allowing attendees to gain further insights.

"..No one talks about it, it's the 4th most common neurological 'disease' in the United States" Author Sara Staggs

The event concluded with a book signing, providing an opportunity for attendees to connect with the author on a personal level. Goldie emphasized, "Uncontrollable is a must-read for anyone seeking to understand epilepsy or wanting to learn more."

"..It's a phenomenal book for all of us, as members of society......" Dr. Najm, Adult Epileptologist and Director of the Cleveland Clinic Epilepsy Center

Empowering Epilepsy remains dedicated to its mission of offering support and empowerment to individuals and families affected by epilepsy and seizures. The collaboration between Dr. Imad Najm and Sara Staggs marks a significant milestone in raising awareness and fostering understanding of epilepsy. Uncontrollable stands as a powerful symbol of resilience and the pursuit of a fulfilling life, resonating with readers far beyond the pages of the novel.

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