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Empowering Epilepsy Featured on WKYC's Good Company, Sponsored by Nurenberg Paris

At Empowering Epilepsy, our mission revolves around supporting individuals living with epilepsy, and this March, we are thrilled to announce our partnership with Nurenberg, Paris, Heller & McCarthy (NPHM) as their Charity Partner of the Month.

NPHM, renowned for their dedication to philanthropy and community engagement, has graciously pledged their support to raise awareness and funds for Empowering Epilepsy throughout March 2024. Through their Facebook page, NPHM amplified our message and shared our impactful work with their audience.

Empowering Epilepsy was started by people who really know what it's like to have epilepsy. We're dedicated to helping those with epilepsy feel better and live better lives. Our dream is to have a special place where people with epilepsy and their families can go for help and support whenever they need it.

The partnership with NPHM aligns seamlessly with our mission to provide resources and assistance to those living with epilepsy. Together, we believe in the transformative power of community and collaboration to effect meaningful change.

Furthermore, NPHM's Charity of the Month Program is a testament to their dedication to local causes. Through their Facebook page and Instagram, they spotlight a different charity each month, and for every "Like" or "Follow" received, they make a donation to the featured cause or charity. This initiative allows their community to rally behind causes important to them while demonstrating NPHM's appreciation for the charities enriching our community.

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