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May 17 & 18 2025

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Run or Walk for Someone you Know with Epilepsy

Donate & Fundraise to Show Your Support

The Cleveland Marathon is one of Empowering Epilepsy's main annual fundraising events.

We rely on fundraising and donations from this event to support our free or low-cost year-long support groups, programs and conferences.


Below, learn why Dana got involved to support her brother, and how Hillary's Homies created a magical team.  Whether you're supporting a family member or loved one or just want to be a part of the magic,

join our team today to tell your story and support Empowering Epilepsy!

Thank You 2024

Empowering Epilepsy Cleveland Marathon Team Members!


Race Registration

Your Cleveland Marathon
Registration Fee using the code that will be provided to you by calling Empowering Epilepsy at


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Join Our Team

During registration, you will have the option to JOIN EMPOWERING EPILEPSY'S TEAM by choosing Empowering Epilepsy from the dropdown menu.


PLUS you will receive your own fundraising page to customize, tell the story of why you are running or walking for Empowering Epilepsy, and share with your friends and family.


Collectible Event Pins

Join the Empowering Epilepsy team at the 2024 Cleveland Marathon

Receive an exclusive race pin and a unique commemorative shirt. By wearing these symbols of support proudly, you'll help raise awareness and show people with epilepsy what they can do!  

Donate & Fundraise for Empowering Epilepsy

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Make a donation on the Cleveland Marathon Charity Support Page to help Empowering Epilepsy reach its fundraising goals.

Help us climb the leaderboard on Cleveland Marathon's Fundraising Page & better illustrate the huge need for epilepsy support in Northeast Ohio! 100% of your support goes directly to helping people live well with seizures in Northeast Ohio.

How to Set Up Your Personal Pledge Page

  1. Go to the event registration page on Race Roster.

  2. Click "Sign In" in the top right-hand corner.

  3. Once you sign in, click on your name in the right-hand corner and then on "Participant".

  4. Scroll down to "Fundraising" then "Edit Page" on the right-hand side. From here, you can customize your page.

  5. Lock in your preferred charity and all donations will go to that one goal. Just click the field beside "Select a preferred fundraising organization" to access our full list of partners - and select your charity.

  6. Click "SAVE UPDATED FUNDRAISING INFORMATION" after all of your updates have been completed.

  7. Now it's time to share, share, share! Use the buttons at the bottom of the page to share your unique link with family, friends, and followers via email or social media. Don't forget to click "Tweet," "Post," or "Send" to finalize the share.

Support Empowering Epilepsy

Hear this amazing story of why Hilary's Homies supported Hilary and

Empowering Epilepsy at last year's Cleveland Marathon.

Saturday and Sunday May 17 & 18, 2025

SUPPORT Empowering Epilepsy! Ask your friends and family to join your team, or support your run/walk to help change the conversation about epilepsy!


Fundraise for Empowering Epilepsy through race registration or donate direct. Any size donation is welcome, and helps us empower the lives of people living with epilepsy!


• Finisher Medal
• Cleveland Marathon Participant T-Shirt
• Challenge Series Exclusive Swag
• Age Group Awards
• Finisher Towel
• Empowering Epilepsy Team Participant T-Shirt

Create Your
Own Team to Support Empowering Epilepsy

Create a team where your friends and family join and/or support your run. Fundraise for Empowering Epilepsy to help us continue to provide proactive programs, events, and services to show people with epilepsy what they can do while living with seizures. Your support means the world to people living with epilepsy and seizures.

Register for the 2025 race using our promo code, that you can get by calling Empowering Epilepsy at

216-342-4167, through Race Roster, Cleveland Marathon’s registration platform.


During registration, you will have the option to JOIN YOUR CHARITY TEAM - choose Empowering Epilepsy from the dropdown menu   PLUS receive your own fundraising page to customize with a picture of you, write your story as to why you are supporting Empowering Epilepsy, and share with your friends and family, asking them to support your walk or run.



"If Exercise Was a Pill For People With Epilepsy..."

People with epilepsy have long been unsure as to what proactive strategies they can take, aside from taking prescribed antiseizure medications, to help reduce their seizures. For centuries, it was thought that exercise, among many other things, could induce seizures, and as a result, people with epilepsy were told to minimize exercise to avoid causing unwanted seizures. Yet, the seizures continued for those with intractable epilepsy.


More recently doctors are finding that exercise can actually be beneficial in helping to reduce seizures, common comorbitiies, like anxiety and depression, and other common complications of epilepsy.


They have provided concrete evidence that exercise is beneficial in the following ways for people living with epilepsy and seizures:


•   Exercise reduces anxiety and depression

•   Exercise contributes to weight loss, especially when some anti-seizure medications can cause weight gain.

•   Exercise can help maintain bone mineral density in people with epilepsy, which helps people with epilepsy fight back against the anti-seizure medications which often cause osteopenia and osteoporosis in people with epilepsy.

•   Exercise can help reduce the risk from fracturing a bone and falling.

•   Exercise can improve cardiovascular fitness for people with epilepsy, decreasing the chance of cardiovascular disease.

•   Exercise can benefit cognition. People with epilepsy often experience memory issues, and exercise may be a natural way to improve memory and cognitive abilities.


Very little research has been done on exercise and epilepsy. We need more studies to help us improve quality of life for people with epilepsy. But light to moderate exercise is good way to improve your health, and could potentially help to reduce your seizures. Participating in active events like the Cleveland Marathon can help us prove this, and you can earn a medal for your walk or run. Taking proactive steps like remaining hydrated, eating well before you walk or run, and not pushing yourself to the point of exhaustion can help people with epilepsy exercise successfully. 


Join Empowering Epilepsy's Team in the Union Home Mortgage Cleveland Marathon. Walk or run in the 5K, 10K, Half Marathon, or Full Marathon. You can also participate in the Cleveland Marathon’s Challenge Series by choosing one race - 5K or 10K - on Saturday, and one race - Half Marathon or Full Marathon - on Sunday.


Show others what you can do while living with seizures. Create a team where your friends and family join our Empowering Epilepsy Team and/or support your run. Fundraise for Empowering Epilepsy so we can continue to provide proactive programs, events, and services to show people with epilepsy what they can do while living with seizures. To all of our supporters and current team members, thank you!! We can't wait to cheer you on in May! We hope you can join us!

Donate to Help Us
Change the Conversation About Epilepsy!

Here are some ways you can donate:

In Person

Empowering Epilepsy Headquarters

23500 Mercantile Road, Suite D
Beachwood, OH 44122


Make a tax deductible donation‏.

Over the Phone

It's easy to donate offline too.

Tel: 216-342-4167

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