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Change the Conversation About Epilepsy!

What Will Your Support Allow Us To Do?

Show people with epilepsy what they can do: Living with epilepsy and seizures is life-changing. Once diagnosed, people with epilepsy are immediately reminded of what we can’t do, That’s because we automatically lose control when we have a seizure. And, it can completely take away our independence.


Watch our video below to learn more about our new Empowering Epilepsy Headquarters, the programs and services we provide, and how we are continuously helping people living with epilepsy and seizures.

Donor Appreciation Tree

A huge donor appreciation wall has been designed in our new Empowering Epilepsy headquarters as just a token of our heartfelt appreciation of your support for Empowering Epilepsy! Your donations are so impactful to people living with epilepsy and their loved ones!

Reserve your leaf on the tree TODAY!

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Help make a difference today with your donation!

What do we do at Empowering Epilepsy?

  • Discover proactive ways, in addition to our prescribed medication, to help lessen seizures:

    • A seizure can happen at any time or any place, and with very little warning. Taking prescribed medication helps stop the seizures for about 50% of us, For another 20 – 30%, the medications can help reduce seizures, but the remaining 20 – 30% of people with epilepsy live with intractable epilepsy. Medical devices or surgical options are available, and work for some of us, and can be life changing! But, what other things can we proactively do to lessen our seizures?

  • Address the other effects epilepsy and seizures continuously have on our lives.

    • People with epilepsy live with:

      • Anxiety and depression because we never know when a seizure will take place

      • Isolation, as we don’t want others to see us having a seizure.

      • Alienation, as our friends may choose to stop hanging around us after witnessing a seizure.

      • Being dependent on others for transportation.

      • Choosing which is worse – medication side effects to stop the seizures, or the actual seizures themselves.

      • People in the general community not knowing how to correctly help when a seizure takes place.

      • Lack of knowledge in the general public about different types of seizures and syndromes. Generalized Tonic Clonic (Grand Mal) Seizures are only one type of seizure.

      • Injuries resulting from seizures.

      • Learned helplessness, as everyone makes sure to remind us of what we can’t do while living with epilepsy.

      • Having a job that may not reflect our abilities.

      • Not doing well in school, as we have a difficult time remembering things.

  • Create fun, family-friendly events that allow us to bring people with epilepsy and their families together in person and virtually, and create positive, lasting memories.

  • Educate people with epilepsy and their families about epilepsy and seizures. This better illustrates how to proactively manage your seizures, how to teach your friends and family about what to do when a seizure takes place, how to explain that there is more to epilepsy than just the seizure, and how to best use the resources available to help empower your life in your community.

Supporting Empowering Epilepsy allows us to tackle these issues, and help people and their families live well with epilepsy and seizures. We provide proactive ways to enable people with epilepsy to take charge of their lives.

We can only do this with your support!

Thank you to all of our amazing Empowering Epilepsy donors! Your support is making a difference in the lives of people living with epilepsy!

Reserve your leaf on the tree TODAY!


Donate to Help Us
Change the Conversation About Epilepsy!

Here are some ways you can donate:

In Person

Empowering Epilepsy Headquarters

23500 Mercantile Road, Suite D
Beachwood, OH 44122


Make a tax deductible donation‏.

Over the Phone

It's easy to donate offline too.

Tel: 216-342-4167

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