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IT’S OFFICIAL! I am 10 years seizure free!

IT’S OFFICIAL! I am 10 years seizure free! At the start of 2023 I set off on a journey to talk about my experience with epilepsy in hopes of raising awareness while also raising money for Empowering Epilepsy. Throughout the year I am blessed to have raised $6,335, receiving donations from friends, family, and strangers.

There were months where I struggled to find the right words or found myself wiping tears off my keyboard as I relived painful memories. But in the end, every letter was worth it knowing the money raised was providing people with a formal support system my family wasn’t privy to when I was diagnosed. In addition, hearing the private and personal stories people shared about their own connection to epilepsy served as a great source of strength.

So how did we celebrate? Honestly, the day nearly came and went in the midst of the holidays until we paused to check the calendar. Someone may ask “how could you spend a year writing stories and fundraising and forget the actual day?” Well, the first 6 months, year and even 5 years as I hit health milestones and moved out on my own, December 21st was celebrated. Now, we look at each day as a small celebration of good health and a step further away from tough times. While I am controlled, I am not cured, and epilepsy continues to be a constant in my life. I take anti-seizure medication twice a day and still wear my medical bracelet on a daily basis. Both are reminders of where I started and how far I have come.

I want to thank my mom, dad, & sister, Lauren, without whom I could not have taken this on. Not only were they my proofreaders each month, but they also served as an endless source of encouragement and love. Finally, thank you everyone for your support this year and over the past 12 years. This journey began as a simple idea to educate people and evolved past my wildest dreams. Please know every donation, well wish, care package, hospital visit, and act of kindness will never be forgotten. #seizetheday #empoweringepilepsy 

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