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How can Empowering Epilepsy support epilepsy patients?

Empowering Epilepsy enables people with epilepsy to take charge of their lives by connecting them to experts and peers for education, care, support, and fun, family friendly events at every age and stage. Founded by people with epilepsy, for people with epilepsy, we personally understand the struggles of living with seizures, and want to help find ways to empower the lives of your patients. This gives them the chance of better controlling their seizures sooner.


Epilepsy Specialists can help by referring patients to Empowering Epilepsy to learn more about our programs and services. 


We offer free age-based virtual support groups that consist of an hour of Q & A with an epilepsy specialist, and an hour of talk time with others in their age group living with epilepsy. This allows people with epilepsy and their loved ones to ask any general questions about epilepsy and seizures, and allows them to meet others living with epilepsy and realize they are not alone.

How can Empowering Epilepsy provide education for your patients?

We can also talk with your patients one on one via zoom, or in person if you are from the Northeast Ohio, area to better educate them about their seizure type(s), ways to live well, and proactive ways to talk to you. Providing epilepsy specialists with the data you need to make an accurate diagnosis sooner is our goal. We can explain strategies like keeping a seizure diary, help them discover ways to remind them to take their medications, and explain how to talk to you to have a better chance of reducing their seizures in a variety of ways.


To learn more, contact Leigh Goldie, Founder and Executive Director of Empowering Epilepsy.

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